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The safety of our patients and staff is our top priority.  Here are some of the measures we have in place:

– Germicidal UV.  Our new office has hospital-grade disinfection built into our HVAC system.

– Masks optional. Masks are now optional at Bay Radiology.  Not political–based on science that shows that the death rate from the current COVID variants is now lower than the death rate for flu prior to the pandemic, including in patients over 65.  Masks may be required again in the future, depending on future variants.  And techs/team are happy to don masks for patients who continue to prefer this.  Questions/concerns: please email Dr. Amodei at

– Short visits.  As before, mammogram images are reviewed as they are acquired and if needed ultrasound is performed the same day by Dr. Amodei.  Patients can now choose whether they would like to stay to review their images or if they would like a shorter visit where they receive their letter from our technologist (images are still reviewed before you leave).

 – Disinfect.  We are trying to minimized the number of things patients touch.  And we thoroughly disinfect all high-touch surfaces (doors, counters, dressing rooms, etc.) with medical grade disinfectants throughout the day.

– HEPA filters in every room.  While coronavirus on its own is only 0.125 microns in size, most of the virus is thought to be traveling through the air in respiratory droplets, which would be trapped by our HEPA filters.  Masks should prevent most of these droplets from every making it into the air and our iWave system should treat the air in our HVAC system.  The HEPA filters provide yet another layer of protection.